Pantene and Selena Gomez Revival Tour


In an effort to grow Pantene with the “next generation of beauty buyers,” the brand choose to partner with Selena Gomez on her 2016 Revival Tour. Building on the Strong is Beautiful campaign, Pantene enlisted G7 to create an activation that allowed fans to engage with their products while taking their concert experience to the next level.


Leveraging the target demographics’ desire to live the life of a celebrity, G7 created concourse activations that allowed fans to feel what it would be like to be Selena Gomez. The first activation, The Hair Flip Station, gave fans the opportunity to re-create the iconic Pantene slow-motion hair flip seen in Selena’s commercial. In the second activation, fans got to see what it might feel like to be Selena prepping for the show backstage. We created a Backstage Dressing Room replica featuring light-up mirrors as well as vanity and lounge décor that gave fans the chance to test the product. Both areas were equipped with video and photo capture technology that allowed them to easily post their unique content to social media. As fans exited the activations they were handed a sample of one of the two hero products of the campaign: Pantene Airspray and Pantene Expert Shampoo and Conditioner.


Across 41 North American show dates, G7 was able to reach approximately 328,000 fans. Fans received and shared 4,385 slo-mo videos and 6,000 backstage dressing room photos across their socials. Between the two activation areas, we were able to distribute roughly 20,000 product samples total throughout all 41 markets.