Hitting the road to capture the hearts and tastebuds of BBQ lovers for KC Masterpiece.

Serving Thousands of Live Samples Across the U.S.


In search of a direct and immersive way to engage BBQ lovers, KC Masterpiece asked G7 to come up with a concept to get face to face with its target audience and to share the love of food, friends, family and fun.


Capitalizing on the food truck frenzy that was sweeping the nation, G7 developed a food truck tour concept featuring the KC Masterpiece BBQ Food Truck which grilled its way across the country visiting fairs, festivals and retailers distributing free samples of sliders and sides.

YEAR 1: One cook trailer over an 8 week period visited eight festivals, local Walmarts, BBQ for our Troops events as well as Joplin, MO disaster relief efforts, selling 3,600+ meals at festivals and distributing 2,400+ samples at retailers, military and disaster events—including coupons and recipe cards.

YEAR 2: Two trailers and three retail partners: Walmart (30 mkts, 135 stores, 40K samples), Sam’s Club (26 mkts, 25 stores, 32K samples), and Kroger (13 mkts, 59 stores, 15k samples) at local retailers, various festivals and disaster relief work after Superstorm Sandy, serving an estimated 90,000 total samples on the tour. KC Masterpiece partnered with Del Monte, KCM Baked Beans, Kingsford Charcoal, Hidden Valley Ranch and Morningstar Farms to provide various sample offerings to enhance the consumer experience. The brand also included a consumer sweepstakes to win use of the Food Truck for a day, instant-win games, and recipe cards featuring the menu item.

YEAR 3: Two trailers and seven retail partners. The Food Trucks made 255 stops in 40 markets and served an estimated 89k samples. Similar to Year 2, the program is featured on Grilling.com, giving consumers the ability to track the trucks across the nation. A spin the wheel gaming component was added to distribute coupons, koozies and gift cards.

YEAR 4: To continue the success of the food truck program, KC Masterpiece celebrated its 35th anniversary on the tour by launching a new flavor made with real sugar – KC Classic. KCM had one food truck that toured the Midwest (10 markets), stopping at 186 retail stores and delivering 56k samples. A digital onsite survey was present to gain consumer feedback and a spin the wheel game gave consumers a chance to win coupons and prizing.

YEAR 5: The KC Masterpiece Food Truck is currently on the road in 2015 serving KC Classic Slider samples in 8 markets, hitting approx. 100 retail stores and stopping at misc BBQ events along the route.


Thoroughly exceeding expectations with millions of impressions, the Food Truck has expanded its fleet and touched roughly 235,000 consumers to date at 650+ stops, delivering instant win opportunities and authentic BBQ experiences throughout the country. This activation was a finalist in Clorox’s 2012 Marketing Awards for Best Shopper Program and resulted in Hidden Valley Ranch awarding G7 their mobile tour in 2014 and 2015.