Bringing meal solutions to the heartland for Hidden Valley.


Hidden Valley Ranch sought a direct and immersive way to engage ranch lovers that would put the brand face-to-face with consumers and expand their affinity to new Hidden Valley product lines while gaining critical feedback from consumers.


Capitalizing on the food truck craze, G7 developed a food truck tour concept featuring multiple Hidden Valley products. The tour made its way across the heartland visiting seven fairs and festivals and 129 retail stores across six retailers between January and June distributing free samples of unique Hidden Valley infused meal solutions and ranch packets.

Our team served a variety of menu items including ranch burgers, garlic parmesan grilled cheese sandwiches and veggies for dipping. Aside from the sampling, consumers played a spin-the-wheel game to win coupons and prizes, received recipe booklets and provided critical consumer feedback through our digital survey.


G7 delivered almost 150,000 meal samples, 250,000 ranch packet samples, and 35,000 recipe books while spreading the fun and collecting invaluable consumer insights in a six month period.

The Hidden Valley Food Truck is currently on the road in 2015 serving Ranch Burgers & Cool Ranch Coleslaw samples in 6 markets, hitting approx. 170 retail stores and stopping at 7 festivals along the route.