Mobile Tour Showcases Harley-Davidson’s Innovative Project LiveWire

Project LiveWire Tour


Gather consumer feedback on an all new Harley-Davidson fully electric motorcycle, the LiveWire™, while showcasing Harley innovation and appealing to a younger demographic. G7 was engaged to provide tour managers and truck/trailer support.


The solution was the Project LiveWire™ Experience Tour which consisted of two semi trucks/teams touring the country, stopping at H-D dealerships and lifestyle events. The LiveWire™ Experience gave a nod to authenticity by connecting the visitor to H-D through real, authentic connections by offering onsite test rides on the LiveWire™ motorcycle.

H-D sought to bring the experience to urban dwellers in major media markets. Dealer locations were selected by leveraging the scale of the market and the influence of local dealers in major media markets – Miami, NYC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc. H-D brought the LiveWire™ Experience to key markets with key dealers that could help influence their local and social communities. G7’s well trained tour staff were hired to manage the tour to work with dealer personnel to conduct test rides of an unreleased prototype, manage photo marketing, execute the JumpStart experience and many other onsite activities.  Robust surveys were also gathered from consumers with insights that will speak into motorcycle production.


Harley-Davidson completed year one of the Project LiveWire™ Experience tour (June-December 2014). Test rides started in NYC, Boston, and Milwaukee and then traveled to 31 destinations through the end of 2014. To date, a rotating group of Project LiveWire™ motorcycles have been ridden more than 1,500 miles down Route 66. Also, 40% of the people who experienced LiveWire™ were young adults (under 35). Since the reveal in June, H-D reached 740 million (and counting) people through earned media (social/PR).The 2014 tour conducted thousands of motorcycle test rides and JumpStart experiences. The 2015 Project LiveWire™ Experience Tour is currently on the road stopping at 13 dealerships in the United States and Canada.