Introducing Dr. McGillicuddy’s to a new generation one sip – and share – at a time.


Introduce Dr. McGillicuddy’s to a younger generation and position it as a great and versatile shot to take with friends through an experiential marketing program bent on meeting drinkers on their own turf, driving trial and sparking digital engagement.


G7 mapped out a full year plan that engages consumers both at festivals and bars through sampling and sales while educating people on the legend of Dr. McGillicuddy through his Shady Eye Saloon. The activation consists of over 20 festival stops with heavy bar engagement throughout the year. program that will hit approximately 65 festivals in 12 months.

Key elements include:

  • Custom built 25’w x 12’t x 10’d mobile Shady Eye Saloon for product sales and sampling
  • Photo marketing at our “jail” as well as a “reverse shave” in the barber’s chair where festival goers receive a commemorative Doctor mustache
  • Games and distribution of swag to draw and engage consumers
  • Trained Dr. McGillicuddy’s Brand Ambassadors engaging consumers in period costumes


This program is still in progress through June 2016, but at the halfway point we have distributed over 15,000 samples, handed out over 40,000 pieces of branded merchandise and made new friends at over 100 bars along the way.